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Quick & easy EEG recording – no need for gel

actiCAP Xpress, a dry electrode BCI system that significantly decreases preparation time delivering your results quickly and accurately.

// Comfortable, robust & versatile
// Comes with OpenViBE BCI framework
// Flexible & easy with plug & play logic
// Available in a variety of packages

Q Sense - Small Fibre Test

Early diagnosis of Diabetic Neuropathy & other Peripheral Neuropathies

// Sensitive and reproducible
// Pre-programmed test algorithms
// Versatile patient database
// Normative reference data
// Easy-to-interpret clinical test report
// Easy data export to excel

BioRadio Wireless

The BioRadio™ is a wireless biomedical monitor with programmable channels for recording and transmitting many combinations of human physiological signals.

// Easy to set up and operate
// Physiology Signal Monitoring
// Biomedical Applications

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