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The Third Generation Of Active Electrodes

actiCAP is a ground-breaking development aimed at raising EEG and ERP research to the next level.


Combining high quality Ag/AgCl electrode components with a newly developed  integrated noise subtraction circuit to deliver  significantly lower noise levels than any other active sensor on the market. LEDs on each sensor display the impedance at the site. The range of impedance of interest to the user can be specified and colour coded to give a ‘traffic lights’ Go/No Go visual indicator of impedance at each site. These caps are quick to apply, comfortable and the ‘active technology’ minimises movement artifact making them highly suitable for use on babies and other ‘challenging’ subjects. One new feature is the possibility of tracking and digitising electrode positions rapidly and easily using the CapTrak  system recently introduced. In combination with the ‘Move’ system which makes wireless EEG recording possible, these caps are also highly suitable for movement based studies involving a wide range of activities such as cycling, swimming dancing etc.


Product specifications:

  • connect actiCAP to nearly any existing research EEG amplifier system (i.e. all Brain Products amplifiers as well as most of our competitors’)
  • reduce your preparation time e.g. for 64 channels down to less than 10 minutes.
  • no need to exchange your existing recording system when switching from passive to active electrodes; simply keep the existing hard- and software, that you are used to

Some more actiCAP features:

  • Impedances are measured and displayed at each electrode by using LEDs.
  • Impedance values are stored in a text file and can be reviewed any time during data analysis.
  • Each electrode can be disconnected and replaced with a new one in case of malfunctioning.
  • Electrodes can be plugged into the cap before the cap is placed on the subject. In fact a slit in the electrode housing allows to inject gel and minimize the impedances while the cap and the electrodes are already in place.
  • The SuperVisc gel, included in the “Starter Set”, makes recordings with actiCAP even more efficient.
  • actiCAP comes along with the latest version of our actiCAP ControlSoftware.

Please note: Our products are scientific equipment for INVESTIGATIONAL USE ONLY! Medical use e.g. for diagnosis, treatment of disease or other such purposes is strictly forbidden.


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