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Increase your neurophysiology research opportunities!

The actiCHamp is a revolutionary development. It offers high-end components for electrophysiological (EEG/ERP, ExG, BCI, etc.) research on one easy to use ‘platform’. It is highly versatile and affordable. Its modular  24-bit amplifier starting at 32 channels + 8 auxilliary channels, is upgradable to up to 160 channels. Being battery operated it is suitable for mobile use even in electrically hostile environments and the active electrode technology also minimises movement artifact making it suitable for a range of activity based research applications.  The LEDs on its active sensors display impedance levels. The desired impedance level can be set by the user and the impedances displayed in colours in an easy to see Go/No Go manner making it very quick to detect those out of range.

Product specifications:

  • Dry electrode sensors24-bit battery-supplied, active channel amplifier coming along with the popular actiCAP active electrodes
  • available with 32, 64, 96, 128 and 160 EEG channels
  • 8 integrated AUX inputs can be used with a full range of biosignal sensors (e.g. GSR, EOG, EMG, ECG, respiration, acceleration, temperature, blood pulse, photo sensor, microphone, etc.)
  • extremely high sampling rate (up to 100 KHz) and wide hardware bandwidth
  • simple plug and play concept to easily increase the number of channels (by adding modules of 32 channels)
  • adding the BIP2AUX Adapter recording bipolar signals through the existing AUX inputs is also possible
  • compatible with BrainVision PyCorder (open-source) and BrainVision Recorder (commercial license) for signal recordings.


Please note: The actiCHamp is intended to be used for research applications only and is not sold, designed or intended to be used as medical devices as defined in EU Directive 93/42/EEC, nor is it intended to be used for other medical applications such as diagnosis or treatment of disease. The hardware is freely configurable. Brain Products shall not be liable for any use other than pure scientific and research applications. The actiCHamp hardware has been tested and certified as per the relevant EMC and electrical safety standards. A non-medical CE certificate is available on request.


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