Brain Vision UK BrainAmp ExG MR

Bipolar amplifier with unparalleled design for use in the MR environment

The increased interest in simultaneous EEG/fMRI recordings to investigate brain activity has rapidly led to the need to also co-register other types of physiological data such as bipolar and peripheral signals. The BrainAmp ExG MR was developed to meet the needs of researhers working within the fMRI environment and adds a range of bipolar and polygraphical capabilities to the existing MR Conditional referential EEG BrainAmps.

The BrainAmp ExG MR bridges this gap and makes the recording of bipolar and polygraphic signals in the MRI environment a simple procedure.

Exactly like all other amplifiers belonging to this product family, the BrainAmp ExG MR can be used inside the MRI chamber and placed right next to the subject. This enables one to keep the length of the cables used as short as possible, thus ensuring highest data quality and fulfillment of all safety requirements.

The MR usable auxiliary sensors (e.g. GSR MR Sensor, 3D Acceleration Sensor MR, Respiration Belt MR) offered by Brain Products are powered directly from the amplifier which guarantees patient safety and product portability.

The 16 channel amplifier can either be purchased as extension to the BrainAmp MR and BrainAmp MR plus, or as fully independent units.

Safe recordings with BrainCap MR and BrainAmp MR/BrainAmp MR plus/BrainAmp ExG MR require adhering closely to our safety instructions which can be found in the BrainAmp MR Operating and Reference Manual for use in an MR environment.

Please note: Our products are scientific equipment for INVESTIGATIONAL USE ONLY! Medical use e.g. for diagnosis, treatment of disease or other such purposes is strictly forbidden.