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A Direct Brain-to-Brain Interface in Humans Using the actiCAP

We describe, to our knowledge, the first direct brain-to-brain interface between two humans.

5 BrainVision Analyzer 2 Tips and Tricks

5 Brain Vision Analyzer 2 Tips and tricks that will help you get the best Product experience 1. View only the channels that belong to the region of interest. You can use montages to group channels and optimize their presentation. You can access the menu under “Displa...

Proceedings of EEG Spring School at King’s College London

The Spring School in EEG analysis is designed to provide primary training in both the collection and analysis of EEG data. The course provides a balance of both theoretical knowledge and practical data processing skills using BrainVision Analyzer 2.1 software. The course was set...

A dry EEG-system for scientific research and brain–computer interfaces (using Brain Visions actiCap)

Thorsten Oliver Zander1*, Moritz Lehne1, Klas Ihme1, Sabine Jatzev1, Joao Correia1, Christian Kothe1,2, Bernd Picht3 and Femke Nijboer4 1 Team PhyPA, Berlin Institute of Technology, Berlin, Germany 2 Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience, Institute for Neural Computation,...

The Brief History of Brain Computer Interfaces

A brain computer interface, also known as mind-machine interface, is a direct communication interface between an external device and the brain, bypassing the need for an embodiment. The signal directly goes from the brain to the computer, rather than going from the brain through...