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Brain Products introduces the actiCAP Xpress

May 09, 2014

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Brain Products introduces the actiCAP Xpress, a dry electrode BCI system with an innovative and unique design.

Curved sensors of variable lengths ensure high comfort and connect to the EEG cap even when the subject is wearing it. A versatile solution for virtually any BCI application. Available in a bundle which includes the V-Amp 16 Channel EEG amplifier and the OpenViBE™ for Brain Products software at a highly competitive price!

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The BCI actiCAP Xpress bundle is an out-of-the-box solution for BCI

  • Special Introductory Price
  • Comes with OpenViBE BCI framework
  • Is flexible and easy to manage with a plug & play logic

The V-Amp is a versatile amplifier which can be used with passive, active and dry electrodes

  • V-Amp supports the measurement of bipolar and auxiliary signals (via two Auxiliary inputs)
  • OpenViBE is a complete program for Brain-Computer Interface and neuroscience research developed by the INRIA research Institute in France
  • The OpenViBE™ for Brain Products includes specific developments for use with Brain Products GmbH EEG devices and provides three ready to use specific BCI applications: a P300 speller, a Motor Imagery experiment and an SSVEP task

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