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Versatility is the most distinctive feature of the BrainVision V-Amp . This low cost amplifier is nevertheless very highly specified. It is a valuable addition even for well-equipped laboratories and can even serve as a teaching device thereby releasing the more expensive systems for high calibre research . The V-Amp records a great variety of signals such as EEG, EOG, ECG, EMG and the full range of evoked potentials. It has proved a very valuable complementary addition to the Medoc Pathway CHEPS system for users who do not have access to EEG/ERP facilities.

V-AMPSensors for peripheral signals like GSR, blood flow, temperature interface easily with the V-Amp auxiliary ports. Compact like a multimeter and powered by an USB port, the V-Amp provides outstanding features: On board TFT-display, software controlled AC/DC-coupling, impedance measurement, bipolar as well as fully galvanically isolated auxiliary channels and an 8+1 bit trigger port.

Furthermore, a special adapter named BIP2AUX can be used to record bipolar signals through the existing AUX inputs.

Did you know that the V-Amp is part of our BCI package?

If you are into BCI, please also have a look at our BCI Special and BCI Package pages.

Please note:Our products are scientific equipment for INVESTIGATIONAL USE ONLY! Medical use e.g. for diagnosis, treatment of disease or other such purposes is strictly forbidden.


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