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EEG – Electroencephalogram

A Direct Brain-to-Brain Interface in Humans Using the actiCAP

We describe, to our knowledge, the first direct brain-to-brain interface between two humans.

Proceedings of EEG Spring School at King’s College London

The Spring School in EEG analysis is designed to provide primary training in both the collection and analysis of EEG data. The course provides a balance of both theoretical knowledge and practical data processing skills using BrainVision Analyzer 2.1 software. The course was set...

A dry EEG-system for scientific research and brain–computer interfaces (using Brain Visions actiCap)

Thorsten Oliver Zander1*, Moritz Lehne1, Klas Ihme1, Sabine Jatzev1, Joao Correia1, Christian Kothe1,2, Bernd Picht3 and Femke Nijboer4 1 Team PhyPA, Berlin Institute of Technology, Berlin, Germany 2 Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience, Institute for Neural Computation,...

Mind control drones

Take a look at this video on drones being controlled by just a person’s thoughts. I particularly like the reference to ‘the funny looking hat’… maybe for a news report she should have done her research a bit better!…

Cybathlon 2016 – Sponsored by Brain Products

What was once just futuristic movies for our minds to expand out of the confines of reality and fragility of our own bodies. Cybathlon 2016 makes the next step… We’ve all seen the smash hit film Avatar, well we’re not quite there yet but we are certainly on the...

Brain Products ActiCAP and MOVE systems to allow researchers to capture brain wave activity while dancing

Another example of the use of Brain Products ActiCAP and MOVE systems to allow researchers to capture brain wave activity while dancing. There are many potentially exciting applications for capturing brain data in moving subjects and this technology combination enables such...

Brazil will showcase not just one but two historic events

The World Cup kick off on the 12th of June in Sao Paulo, Brazil will showcase not one but two historic events. As well as the launch of the famous international football contest, this event is providing an opportunity to showcase cutting edge brain research technology which may...

Brain Products at Human Brain Mapping – Hamburg, Germany, June 8th – 12th 2014

Following the introduction of the actiCAP Xpress, Brain Products are presenting a live demonstration of this amazing new product at the upcoming HBM 2014 Annual meeting. Don’t miss out, stop by the HBM booths (No. 36-38). The Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) is...

Brain Products introduces the actiCAP Xpress

Brain Products introduces the actiCAP Xpress, a dry electrode BCI system with an innovative and unique design. Curved sensors of variable lengths ensure high comfort and connect to the EEG cap even when the subject is wearing it. A versatile solution for virtually any BCI...

BCI – Brain Computer Interfaces

Brain computer interface (BCI) is a mind-machine interface that establishes a straight communication pathway between the human brain and a machine. A BCI allows control of external devices with regulation of brain activity and helps gain information about the cognitive state. In...